Our DevOps Team Has The Best Skills To Keep Your Apps Updated

by | Jan 30, 2023 | DevOps

What Does Our DevOps Team Do At Devsinc?

Our DevOps team is the backbone when it comes to building software. This team sets servers and manages the whole project when the project is ready to be deployed. This team helps the Engineers in building a perfectly deployed project and makes sure that things are done accordingly.

Steps We Take To Ensure The Quality Of Our DevOps Services

This service is done at the time of deployment, so we make sure that our team is managing the software accordingly and set the server in the right direction so that the project can be deployed and there must be no room for error or any bug left for the quality assurance department to solve.

DevOps Services That We Provide

Following are some of the services:

This service is at the time when the project is ready to be built, and the DevOps team makes sure that deployment is perfect.

Setting Server
The team sets the server before the project is ready to be built.

Project Management
DevOps team manages the project and makes sure that it is built perfectly, no matter if it’s a web app more mobile app.

Softwares We Use For DevOps

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Query Surge
  • Dockers
  • Data Dog
  • Jenkins
  • OverOps