How Devsinc helped HoneyBricks expands investment accessibility

HoneyBricks used blockchain for secure real estate investment, supporting 3,500 investors and managing over $5 million.

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Making the exclusive world of private real estate inclusive

HoneyBricks is on a mission to unlock the potential of real estate. Their technology platform connects investors with high-quality multifamily investment opportunities in the United States.

Devsinc worked with the internal development team to build out a modern software-as-a-service application platform that used blockchain technology to power its infrastructure.

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Deep Financial Integrations

  • Secure Connections: HoneyBricks needed to establish several secure connections with different payment gateway services to ensure smooth transaction processing, which involved implementing comprehensive error handling and fallback mechanisms for reliability.
  • Encompassing Compliance Regulations: HoneyBricks needed to navigate a complex landscape of financial regulations, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, KYC, and AML, to maintain compliance. It required continuous monitoring and updating of systems to meet changing regulations, along with implementing robust data protection measures to secure financial information.
  • Feature Flagging for Deployment: Updating the live web application without disrupting user activities demanded strategies like feature flags for dynamic feature management. The process involved staging environments for testing and employing deployment techniques like blue-green deployments or canary releases to ensure seamless user experiences.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring the reliability of new features and functional changes required a strong focus on QA, with both automated and manual testing strategies. This was supported by CI/CD pipelines to facilitate streamlined testing and deployment, minimizing the risk of bugs or regressions impacting users.
Devsinc helped us hit the ground running on our MVP development, and helped us build out a number of important integrations across payments, authentication and blockchain integrations. I would highly recommend them.
Ramesh Doddi, CTO

How Devsinc supports HoneyBricks?

  • Full-Stack Development: The platform was tailored to ensure flexible and scalable operations across all transactional processes. This development involved a selection of a technology stack designed for scalability and security, employing a microservices architecture to enhance modularity and facilitate future expansion, and implementing stringent security measures to protect user data and maintain privacy.
  • Customizable Modules: To enable the platform to support payment methods, customizable and modular code sets were employed for various payment gateway integrations. This approach required the development of robust APIs and the use of SDKs provided by these gateways, coupled with custom-built logic for managing the nuances of payment processing, ensuring seamless error handling, and maintaining consistent data across transactions.
  • Blockchain Technology: Blockchain technology, through the use of smart contracts, was harnessed to automate critical transactional operations, thereby bolstering the platform's security and transparency.
  • KYC Standards Compliance: The system was developed to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions and ensure these transactions comply with KYC standards. This involved integrating real-time mechanisms for crypto-to-fiat conversions, secure management of digital wallets, and comprehensive blockchain integrations to support a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Results Achieved by HoneyBricks

Onboarded 3,500+ investors

Grew their platform to support 3,500 investors, showing strong growth.

7 payment gateway integrations

Devsinc built and supported 7 different payment gateways to give investors multiple investment options.

$5 million+ of investment managed

Handled more than $5 million in different currencies, proving our financial management skills.

Acquired by EquityMultiple

Their success led to being bought by EquityMultiple, marking a big achievement for us.

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How Devsinc helped HoneyBricks expands investment accessibility

HoneyBricks used blockchain for secure real estate investment, supporting 3,500 investors and managing over $5 million.

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