Intellirent's path to Revolutionizing Property Management

Facilitating the dynamic solution for property management with improved decision-making.

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Empowering Smarter Decisions in Real Estate

Intellirent is transforming the real estate sector with a cutting-edge online platform that enhances property management through sophisticated tenant screening services. 

Their innovative platform aids property managers and landlords in making informed rental decisions, optimizing the tenant selection process by providing comprehensive, quality-oriented screening capabilities.

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Understanding the opportunity missed by traditional platforms

  • Data Management and Security: The traditional leasing process was fraught with inefficiencies, including cumbersome data handling and significant security risks. Property managers often encountered difficulties in maintaining accurate rental information, leading to potential data loss and compromised decision-making.
  • Real-Time Verification Needs: Ensuring the authenticity of tenant information, particularly income verification, was a critical challenge. The need for secure, real-time data processing was paramount to prevent fraud and make reliable tenant selections.
Responsive and committed, Devsinc provides quality work in a timely manner. They efficiently provide the client's in-house team with software development outsourcing services. They also ensure that the developers they provide meet the client's needs, leading to an ongoing partnership.
Eric Hurst, Co-Founder

The Cutting-Edge Solutions Offered for Strategic Leasing

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  • Optimized Data Handling: Devsinc overhauled the system architecture to enhance the efficiency and security of data transfers across platforms. This revamp significantly reduced the risk of data loss and streamlined the management of rental information.
  • Integration of Finicity API: To address the need for real-time income verification, Devsinc implemented the Finicity API, which provides immediate access to verified financial data, enhancing the credibility and speed of tenant assessments.
  • Automated Processes and Error Reduction: By automating critical parts of the leasing workflow, Devsinc minimized the potential for human error and optimized overall operational efficiency. This automation extended to all facets of the leasing process, from data collection to tenant evaluation.

Results Achieved by Intellirent

Revamped User Interface

The improvements made by Devsinc led to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for property managers to handle and maintain crucial rental data effectively.

Improved Transaction Security

With strengthened security protocols, each transaction within the system became safer and more reliable, ensuring peace of mind for both landlords and tenants.

Improved Efficiency

The implementation of advanced APIs and automation reduced manual tasks by 98%, speeding up the entire leasing process and allowing property managers to focus more on strategic decisions rather than administrative tasks.

Enhanced Scalability

The new system architecture enabled seamless integration with other sites and services, providing flexibility and the ability to scale operations as needed without compromising on performance or security.

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