Intellirent’s Approach to Smarter Leasing

Facilitating the dynamic solution for property management with improved decision-making.

Presenting Intellirent’s Innovative Story to Tenant Screening

Intellirent as a latest online platform is designed to help property managers and landlords make smarter rental decisions by providing comprehensive and detailed tenant screening services, ensuring quality-oriented services.

This product was introduced and developed to overcome the challenges of the traditional leasing process which is full of friction and delay. The most important factor is the right decision-making while finding potential renters, screening their capabilities, and comparing their applications to approving the most suitably qualified renters, thus simplifying the overall management.

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Understanding the Challenges of Maintaining Rental Information

This case study was faced with major challenges that we helped overcome on the client’s side, delineated below:

Previously, relying on the traditional leasing process, it was very tricky and critical for users to transfer data relevant to rental properties and maintain them for later use. Not only this, but high risks would have been faced and at some point, the users would have lost the data queries. Besides that, income verifications and other such crucial functions needed real-time authenticity and security of information, as the vital challenges faced by the client’s company.

The Cutting-Edge Solutions Offered for Strategic Leasing

Contrary to the challenges faced by the client, our latest services provide an efficient solution to the client, hence resolving the problem:

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  • We successfully optimized all the data queries and incorporated flexible ways to fetch the required data for this peculiar project.
  • Additionally, we changed the complete architecture so that desired data could be sent efficiently to another site or entity to automate the processes profoundly, with no chance of human error while implementing the automation.
  • Interestingly, we implemented Finicity API for real-time income verifications to facilitate and provide real-time data authenticity.
  • We also implemented other significant functions and feasibilities to facilitate this project’s success.
  • Moreover, We conducted detailed functional testing to avoid all types of execution errors.

Client-Centric Benefits that Empowered Rental Decision-Making

Improved Interface

Once the system was revamped, the users got a better interface to witness well the easiest way to handle and maintain data that was previously lost.

Secure Transactions

The money transactions were handled well with a complete record of every instance, thus improving the level of security for each transaction.

Real-time Transformations

It reduced human efforts to only 2% and saved time while projecting real-time transformations, ensuring better efficiency.

Flexible System

The accurate data was sent over different sites and verifications of various income values were made more flexible than ever