KUDO’s Journey to Bridging Global Communications

Translating the future of digital meetings where everyone speaks freely

Inside KUDO’s Futuristic Multilingual Platform

KUDO provides an interpretation service that matches its clients with the perfect interpreters for meetings, webinars, and events on demand. It combines human and AI power into multilingual solutions that enable people to communicate effortlessly in any language, wherever they are.

KUDO is sourced from a network of 12,000 vetted interpreters specializing in 200+ spoken and sign languages that match your subject matter expertise. It provides hourly pricing and an online payment system, allowing the purchase to be made in less than 3 minutes. The KUDO team helps host smooth multilingual meetings and events, from sound check to interpretation set-up. It also takes care of the details, so you can focus on connecting and collaborating with your global audience.

Services Used :

Understanding the Challenges in Maintaining AI-powered Interpreter

KUDO’s communication platform faced multifaceted challenges that impede seamless user experiences and efficient service delivery.

The initial adoption of Elasticsearch yielded suboptimal results, as the dataset lacked the scale necessary to leverage its full capabilities, incurring unnecessary costs. Additionally, the integration of a third-party library, Zoom_rb ruby gem, presented limitations in handling error codes, negatively impacting user interactions and lacking support for interpretation during Zoom webinars. The reliance on live interpreters proved problematic due to occasional unavailability, requiring manual intervention. Furthermore, the integration of calendar systems posed difficulties with existing plugins, failing to meet the customization needs for interpreters’ schedules. Addressing these challenges was pivotal to enhancing the platform’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.

How We Fulfilled Our Client’s Expectations?

Considering the challenges and limitations, we decided to implement our expertise that aligns with the KUDO platform’s stable and seamless working.

kudo study
  • We transitioned to using raw SQL queries and database indexes within PostgreSQL to handle search functionality. Creating targeted indexes on relevant columns in PostgreSQL allowed for fast searches across our data without needing a dedicated search engine.
  • To improve the reliability and capabilities of Zoom integration, we decided to develop a custom wrapper. This in-house wrapper gave full control over error handling and detailed error messages. Also, it enabled the seamless interpretation support for webinars.
  • We also introduced AI interpretation into meetings and conducted extensive training in AI models to enable interpretation in over 20 languages.
  • Our development of a custom calendar tool allowed interpreters to easily indicate their availability by dragging their selection over multiple days. We used React’s drag-table-select to implement dragging functionality.
  • Furthermore, our custom calendar seamlessly integrates the display of different colors to correspond with the various availability statuses of interpreters, making it a tailor-made solution that precisely aligns with the platform’s needs.

Benefits that Paved The Way for Connections Beyond Borders

AI Interpretation

AI Interpretation revolutionized language barriers, offering a consistent and reliable solution. Users enjoy effortless communication as AI seamlessly facilitates interpretation, promoting inclusivity and expanding collaboration opportunities on the platform.

Multiple Languages

Support for multiple languages on the platform is a game-changer. Users experience a globalized communication environment, fostering diverse interactions and breaking down language barriers for a truly inclusive collaborative experience.

Smoother Experience

The result was a smoother experience for users interacting with Zoom through our platform due to which the user enjoyed the calls and webinars in the best possible manner. 

Integrated Processes

The processes are more simplified and well-integrated with interpreters and clients. Streamlined workflows and integrated features contribute to a seamless experience, empowering users with accessible and straightforward operations.