How Recurate’s Unlocked ReCommerce

Providing the perfect solution for the resale marketplace covering the E-Commerce P2P model

Tracing Recurate’s Path to Unlocking ReCommerce Industry

Recurate is a full-service e-commerce partner that enables a product’s peer-to-peer marketing directly on e-commerce stores.

It has emerged as a pioneering player in the fashion industry, offering a solution to the problem. They designed a resale operating system that empowers brands to own their second-hand market through a custom resale marketplace. Recurate’s approach involves integrating various resale models, including peer-to-peer reselling, trade-ins, and much more innovation into a brand’s omnichannel strategy.

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Complexities in Achieving Fashion’s Resale Goals

Some of the major challenges were as follows while working on this project:

It was hard developing and maintaining the same markup for multiple platforms like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, and Salesforce. Every platform has its own specifications of eCommerce and its particular attributes. It was so difficult to replicate the business logic many times. Data security and performance were also the toughest challenges as it was suspected that on the admin portal, anyone would be able to see each other's data accidentally or intentionally, and generating queries was a total hassle. Image uploading was crucial in this idea as we were using jQuery-uploader initially, custom styling was another challenge, also, this plugin was not supportive with all of the browsers on all devices.

How We Stepped in While Handling Our Clients’ Pain Points?

Besides facing the technical challenges, we were able to resolve the complexities of requirements with ease and flexibility, as follows:

  • We created a Headless Frontend API through which HTML markup was returned in response and using the styles and scripts from CDNs, the markup renderer (in the platform’s connector app) showcased the unified Frontend interface.
  • We developed the wrappers for every single platform. It is imperative to know that each wrapper defines the rules, webhooks, and field mapping, and offers a few customizations to the platform, following the generic API to execute different business operations.
  • We resolved data security and performance issues by data sharding using tenants of PostgreSQL databases which created clusters for each store and hence made searches and queries flexible to manage from the limited set of data instead of the whole database.
  • We built the customized solution to upload images, using HTML, and vanilla JavaScript to avoid conflicts with the store theme along with the support of Node.js and AWS lambda. Also, we used Sharp and Jimp to process the images and store them in the bucket in the form of streams

Multifaceted Benefits Maximized Through Our Services

Assured Sustainability

By enabling customers to resell preloved items, brands have significantly reduced the number of discarded products, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Customer Engagement

Brands have engaged customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, fostering brand loyalty and a sense of community among their customer base.

Dedicated Donations

Many renowned brands demonstrated their dedication to sustainability not only through their product materials but also through initiatives like tree planting and donations to environmental causes.

Valuable Opportunities

The resale program reduced waste and opened up new revenue streams for brands due to which they acquire new customers and retain existing ones by offering them valuable reselling opportunities.